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We are an international engineering company providing service, training and consulting to makers and users of industrial manufacturing machines.
Specialized in but not limited to the SMT* process, our team serves in a long-lasting partnership with Panasonic Industrial Europe, an exquisite list of clients in the automotive and high-end consumer electronics business such as Bosch, Lear, Foxconn, Samsung, and many others.
Our goal is to increase your service and production performance. our story
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*Surface - Mount Technology

What can JAMCON do for YOU?

We were fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from the best heads of German car industry and Japanese state-of-the-art machine makers. Managing projects at truly advanced production sites with eyes wide open to problems and solutions helped us to acquire an unique expertise.
Now we have distilled over 20 years of experience and the mindset of our most successfull clients into innovative and practical solutions for your business.
SMT* Process improvement package
Boost your process quality and performance
* Surface - Mount Technology

Our aim is to identify improvements and recommend sustainable measures which will continuously improve the quality of your production to world class performance. Developed for the process engineers of the automotive industry and used in productions all over the world, this intensive training and consulting package delivers valuable expertise and practical solutions directly to your shop floor.

After a training course in which your engineers will gain deep understanding of the stencil printing, chip placement and reflow soldering process we check your production for errors and possible improvements. We will provide a comprehensive report to the management. Contact us for more details.

* Surface - Mount Technology
SMT Process consulting
SMT Process consulting level

Process and Field Service Engineers

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We are continually updating our database of experts and are always looking for new professionals with various qualifications and experiences to expand our team. Below you can find a list of our most common positions. If currently your desired position is occupied, please do not hesitate to send your CV for our database for the next available position through our job application form!

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